Always Ready to Learn Inspirational Story

Best Motivational story

Once a sculptor decided to teach sculpture to his son. Growing up, the sculptor’s son also became a sculptor. Both now go to the market to sell their idols together and come after selling their idols.

The father’s idols were sold for forty-fifty rupees, but the son’s idols would not cost more than three-four rupees.

After coming from the market, the sculptor would make his son sit nearby and tell about the mistake made in making the idol and ask him to rectify the mistake the next day.

This sequence continued for many years.

The boy was very intelligent. He listened very carefully to all the words of his father and kept trying to improve his art. After some time the idols of that boy also started selling for fifty rupees.

The sculptor would still explain to his son the same way and tell his son about the mistake he made in making the idol. The son paid even more attention to his art. His art began to refine even more. Now the idols of the sculptor’s son started selling for one hundred rupees.

The sculptor still did not stop the process of improving the art of his son.

One day the son said angrily, – “You never stop the work of finding faults. My art has become better than yours now. Now I get up to a hundred rupees for my idols, but your idols are still worth fifty rupees.

The sculptor explained to his son and said – “Son, when I was of your age. Then I became proud of my art and then I stopped improving my art. Since then my progress stalled and I could not make idols worth more than fifty rupees.

Always be ready to understand and correct your mistakes, so that you can reach the ranks of the best artists who make valuable sculptures.

That’s right guys-

Your ego blocks the way of your progress. That’s why one should always be ready to learn by keeping your ego in check.