Anger-Inspirational Story

A carpenter closed his shop in the evening and went home.

When he left the shop, a poisonous snake entered the shop. The snake was hungry. In the hope that he would get something to eat, he started crawling here and there.

Meanwhile, he collided with an ax and got slightly injured.

He got angry and to take revenge, he stung the ax. What will a snake’s sting do to that metal axe? On the contrary, blood started coming out of the snake’s mouth itself.

Out of anger and arrogance, that snake went mad and started doing everything possible to kill that ax. He was in a lot of pain. Still he wrapped around that axe. What would have happened then, you know very well.

The next day, when the carpenter opened the door, he found the snake wrapped around the ax lying dead.

Friends, this snake has not died due to some other fault. He died because of his own arrogance and anger.

Similarly, when we get angry, we do the work of harming others. But after some time we realize that we have harmed ourselves more than others.

It is not necessary that we should react to everything. Take a step back and think about whether it is necessary to react in this matter.

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