Barking Dogs Motivational Short Story

Inspirational Story

One day a man went out for a morning walk, when he saw a boy in a street cleaning the street.

Some of the dogs there were barking at him!

The man noticed one thing about that boy, seeing the dogs barking, there was no fear on the boy’s face, nor did the boy pay any attention to those dogs.

The boy was just cleaning the street.

When that boy went from there to another street, the dogs of the other street also started barking at him. Even there, the boy did his cleaning work without paying attention to the dogs. The boy earned some money by cleaning the street and those who were hungry continued to suffer.

So friends, if we adopt this thinking in our life, then we will never be behind. And if we do not divert our attention from the words of people, then we will definitely be successful in our work.

These were dogs, but in their real life there is no shortage of humans barking around us, who want to humiliate us every moment. They keep putting their feet in every work, so we do not need to care about anyone. We have to do our job well. That’s all:)

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