Be A Lion Inspirational Story

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A monk was picking wood from the forest to make food. He saw something strange. He saw a legless fox, which looked healthy from above. He thought that how is this fox alive in this condition?

He was so lost in his thoughts that suddenly there was a stir. The lion king of the jungle was coming towards that side. The monk also quickly climbed a tree and started watching from there.

The lion had hunted a deer and was moving towards the fox holding it in its jaws. He did not attack the fox, but also gave him pieces of meat to eat. The monk was even more surprised to see that the lion was giving food to the fox instead of killing it.

The Monk mumbled. He couldn’t believe his eyes. So he went the same day again and hid himself and waited for the lion. The same thing happened today.

The Monk said that this is the proof of the existence of God. He also makes arrangements for the food he gives birth to. From today onwards, like this fox, I too will live on the mercy of God. He will arrange my food.

Thinking this, he went to a deserted place and sat down. The first day passed, no one came. The next day some people came, but no one looked at the Monk. Slowly his strength was running out. He still could not walk. Just then a saint passed by and reached the monk.

The monk narrated his whole story to the Mahatma and said, ‘You yourself tell me how the Lord became so cruel to me? Isn’t it a sin to put someone in this situation?’

‘Absolutely,’ said the Mahatma, ‘’But how can you be so stupid? Why don’t you understand that’’

God wanted to see you become like that lion, not like a fox.

The same thing happens in life that we understand things opposite to the way they should be understood. And without doing any work, we sit on the basis of luck, thinking that whatever will happen in luck, we will get it. No, without hard work, even God does not support.

We all have some kind of power inside us, which can make us great. There is a need to recognize them. It should be kept in mind that we are not becoming a fox instead of a lion.

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