Break the Limited Thinking – Inspirational Story

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Once a man was going somewhere. On the way, he saw an elephant at one place.

He noticed one thing, that the elephant was tied with a small thin rope. He was surprised to see how such a big animal could be tied with the help of a weak rope. Because there was neither a chain nor a cage. And if that elephant wants, it can be free from this bondage in a jiffy, but it is not doing so, what is the reason for this?

He saw an elephant master there. He asked the master –

Why is the elephant standing tied to this weak rope and does not try to run away at all, when it can do so in a jiffy.

The elephant’s master replied – When this elephant was very small, I used to tie it with the help of this rope. Then this rope was so strong that it used to hold it firmly. And it did not know to run away by breaking the rope. It tried hard to break the rope, but every attempt failed. After giving up, he considered it impossible to break the rope and also stopped pushing on the rope. Slowly it got bigger. It still feels that it is not my thing to be free from this rope. It did not attempt to break the rope. Today it is an adult strong elephant but it has given up with a rope.

The man was surprised to hear this. This animal can break free from its bond at any time by breaking the rope. But he has admitted that he cannot do this. That is why he is in bondage with the help of the same weak rope, with which he has been tied since childhood.

Just like this elephant, there are many of us who believe that they cannot do this work in life because the last time we tried we failed. They bind themselves in a limited thinking, and say that brother, this is not my cup of of tea. And they also stop trying. Due to which they do not get ahead on the path of progress.

So friends, break the limited thinking of your mind in one stroke and then see how success kisses your feet.

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