Buddha and Angry man

Best Inspirational Story

One day Buddha was passing through a village.

A very angry and rude young man came there and started insulting Buddha, “You do not have correct knowledge. You are a fool like everyone else. You’re a hypocrite.” In this way the man was getting more abusive.

Buddha was not bothered by his humiliation.

Instead he asked the young man, “Tell me this, if you buy a gift for someone and that person refuses to take it, who will have the gift.”

Upon hearing this strange question, the young man was surprised and replied, “The gift will remain with me because I am giving it.”

Buddha smiled and said, “All right, and the same applies to your anger. You got angry with me, abused me. But I was not humiliated. I didn’t abuse you. So it came back to you.
And you were not happy in all this. You have harmed yourself.”

“If you want to avoid harming yourself, you have to control your anger and learn to love. When you are angry you will not be happy and if you love, everyone will be happy.”

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