Burden of Past-Motivational Story

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There was a bird, it used to fly very high, and kept chirping here and there. Sometimes on this twig, sometimes it used to hop on that twig.

But that bird had a habit, whatever good or bad happened to him during the day, he would keep as many stones in the bundle with him and would often take those stones out of the bundle and see them.

Seeing the stones of goodness, she would have been happy to remember the good things that happened in the past. And she used to be sad to see the bad stones.

She does this everyday. By collecting stones every day, his bundle was getting heavy day by day.

After a few days, he started having trouble flying with the heavy bag. But she could not understand why she could not fly.

As some more time passed, the bundle was getting heavier. Now he was finding it difficult to even walk on the ground. And one day it came that she could not even arrange food and drink for herself.

An elderly bird used to live near that bird, when the old bird noticed, then explained to him that you have taken the burden of your past in vain. Whatever has happened has happened, because of that why are you wasting your present time. Make better use of your present time by forgetting everything.

Now this thing fell on the bird, and she threw off the bundle of her past, and started flying back as high as before.

Moral of the Story –

Friends, the same thing happens with us when we keep bags of old things with us. Instead of enjoying our present, we keep thinking about the things of the past. Oh brother, what has happened, you cannot uproot anything. So why waste time thinking about the things of focus. Make your present beautiful, with your beautiful thoughts and live every moment of your life with joy.

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