Don’t Cheat Anyone-Inspiration Story

Short moral Story

Once upon a time there was a farmer. He used to sell half a kilo of butter to a shop keeper every day.

One day the shop keeper went to his house and thought that I would weigh this butter so that I would know whether I am getting the right amount of butter or not. When we weighed it, it was found that the butter was less than half a kilo.

On this, the shopkeeper got angry and took the farmer to the court.

The judge in the court asked the farmer, “What do you use to weigh butter?”

The farmer replied, “My lord, I am illiterate. I don’t even have any half-kilogram weights.”

The judge asked, “So how do you weigh butter?”

The farmer replied, “SIr, I have been buying half a kilo of flour every day from this shopkeeper’s shop for a long time. And after weighing butter equal to whatever flour I bring, I give it to this shop keeper.
If anyone is guilty then it is the shopkeeper himself, who weighs me less flour every day.

Moral of the Story: Whatever we give in our life, it definitely comes back to us. So don’t try to cheat anyone.

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