Farmer and God – Inspirational Stories

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Once a farmer got disturbed by the storms, hailstorms, strong sunlight etc. Because sometimes the crop was damaged.

So he got upset and started complaining to God.

The farmer said, “You are God but you do not know what the crop needs. So I request you to give me a chance. Give the weather as I said. Then all of us farmers will fill the stock of food grains.

God smiled and said, “Okay from today I will keep the weather according to you.”

The farmer was happy. The farmer sowed wheat in the next crop. He got sunlight whenever he wanted, he got water whenever he wanted, he did not let the lack of water at all. He didn’t even let the storm, the flood and the scorching sun come.

With the passage of time the crop grew. The farmer was also very happy that this time a great crop is visible.

The farmer thought to himself that God would now know what is necessary for a good crop. They keep troubling the farmer in vain.

The farmer reached the field to harvest the crop. When he touched the wheat plant, the ground slipped under his feet. He saw that none of the plants had a single grain.

The farmer became sad and said, “Oh my God! why did this happen? Because I did everything right and did it at the right time.

To this God said, “O dear farmer! It was bound to happen. Because you have not allowed these plants to struggle at all. They were neither allowed to heat up in the hot sun, nor were they allowed to face the storm. They were not allowed to face any kind of challenges. That’s why they may look good from outside but they are completely hollow from inside, there is no grain inside them.

Plants generate energy when they face various challenges. This energy creates in them the right potential for who they are made.

Friends, in the same way, unless a person goes through a struggle, that person remains hollow. The challenges of life open new avenues of progress for him and make a man strong and talented. So don’t panic if you face problems or challenges in your life. It has not come to spoil you, but to refine you.

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