FARMER COUPLE Inspiration Story

Motivational story

A farmer said to his wife, “You are lazy. You work slowly and sluggishly. You’re wasting your time. ,

The wife got angry with such words of her husband.

She told her husband, “You are wrong. You stay at home tomorrow. I will go to the farm. I will do your work there. Will you do my work here at home? ,

The farmer said happily, “Very good. I’ll do your work at home. ,

The wife said, “We have to milk the cow, wash the clothes, wash the dishes, take care of the chickens, clean the house, and spin the yarn.

The woman went to the field and the farmer stayed at home. He took a vessel and went to get the cow’s milk. When he tried to milk the cow. He got a really good cow kick. He washed the clothes, washed the dishes and cleaned the house. In this he lost his breath. Now he went to feed the chickens. He forgot to spin the yarn. That’s how evening came.

In the evening when the wife returned from the field. The farmer bowed his head in shame. After that he did not find any fault in his wife. They lived happily together for a long time.

Friends, every person has different responsibilities. we should not underestimate them

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