Goal Importance Hindi Inspirational Story

Best Motivational Story

Once upon seeing a very rich man, a boy decided to become rich.To earn money, he was working hard for many days to earn money and earned a lot of money.

In the meantime, he met a scholar.He was surprised to see the opulence of the scholar and now he decided to become a scholar and from the very next day he started studying and writing, leaving earned money.

He had just learned alphabet knowledge, and in the meantime he met a musician.He saw more attraction in music, that’s why from that day he stopped studies and started learning music.

Similarly, a lot of age passed, he could neither become rich nor scholar nor could he become a good musician.Then he felt very sad.One day he met a very great Saint.He asked Saint the reason for his sorrow.

The Saint listened to his troubles and smiled and said, “Son, the world is very smooth, wherever you go, There you will definitely find attraction. So Take a decision and then keep following it while you are alive, then you will definitely get success, otherwise you will keep on wandering in the mess of the world.No one will be able to progress, because of changing interests again and again.

The young man understood the point of the Saint and fixed a goal and started practicing it.