Horseshoe – Motivational Story

Once a country was attacked by its enemies. The spies of this country came to know about this.

Detectives brought the news to the king that such preparations are being done by the enemies on the border. The king sent his messenger to reach the news to his commander-in-chief.

The messenger went out on his horse to deliver the news. As soon as he went a short distance, a nail of his horseshoe came out.

He thought, “Only one nail has come out, I will nail it anytime.” He was a little careless.

While he was carrying the message, the horseshoe came out and the horse fell down. Due to injury to the soldier, he died there.

And on the other hand, due to not reaching the message on time, the enemies attacked and that country was defeated.

Friends, you can see that due to the carelessness of not fixing only a small nail of the horse, an entire country was defeated. Had he nailed it at the right time, the result might have been different.

What is happening everywhere nowadays?, Postponing work. We want complete results but don’t want to work. This makes that work worse.

So friends, whatever work you want to do, you should do it. Time should not be wasted.