How to be a Winner – Inspirational Story

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Once upon a time, there lived many frogs in a pond. There was a very old pillar in the middle of the lake. The pillar was very high and its surface was very smooth and slippery.

One day a thought came in the mind of the frogs that why not get a competition organized. The participant in this will have to climb the pole, and the one who reaches the top first will be declared the winner.

All the frogs together fixed the day of the competition.

The day of the competition had arrived, a large crowd gathered around the pillar. Many frogs from the surrounding areas also came to take part in this competition. There was excitement in the atmosphere. there was noise everywhere

Competition started…….

But seeing the pillar, none of the frogs in the crowd could believe that any frog would be able to reach the top of this pillar.

There was this noise all around – “Hey! it’s so hard. “He will never be able to win this.” “There is no question of reaching the top, it cannot be climbed on such a smooth pole” and it was also happening that whoever frogs tried, they would fall down due to slipping.

Many frogs were engaged in their efforts despite falling again and again.

But the crowd was still shouting, “It can’t happen, it’s impossible.”

Now whoever the frogs were excited, were trying. They too got frustrated after hearing this and gave up his efforts.

But among those frogs there was a small frog, who, despite falling again and again, was busy climbing up with the same zeal. He continued to move upwards and finally he reached the top of the pillar and became the winner of this competition.

Everyone was very surprised at his victory, all the frogs surrounded him and started asking, “How did you do this impossible task, how did you win by leaving everyone behind?”

Then someone said from behind… “Hey what do you ask him, he is deaf. “

Do you understand how he won?

Yes, He could not hear the voice of all those who were about to pull the legs around him. Due to which he could not think negatively, and he was able to focus more on his goal, and won.

Friends, We also have the ability to achieve our goal, and we also start. But because of our negative environment, we either do not start our work or leave it in the middle. So friends, whatever are the voices holding you back, they can be anyone, anything. Whether it is a friend, relative, or you are yourself. All these have to be ignored. Making yourself a strong person, you should make every effort to achieve your goal. If you distance yourself from negativity, no one can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success.

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