Today’s Importance-Best Motivational Story

Best Inspirational Story

Once upon a time, a disciple respected his guru very much. Guru also used to love his disciple very much, but that disciple was lazy towards his studies and always procrastinated. Always tried to run away from work.

His Guru started living in tension that his disciple should not be defeated in the battle of life.

Laziness has all the power to make any man useless. Such a person desires to get fruits even without hard work. He is not able to take quick decisions and is not able to do any work properly.

That’s why Guru thought of an idea, one day while giving a piece of a black stone to his disciple, he said –

“I am going out to another village, giving you this piece of magic stone, for two days. If you touch this piece with any iron object, that iron will turn into gold, but remember that I will take it back from you on the second day after sunset.

The disciple was very happy to get this golden opportunity, but being lazy, he spent the first day thinking that he would have a lot of gold, then how happy, prosperous he would live, he would have many servants And life will set.
Then when he woke up the next day, he remembered that today is the second and last day, to make gold.

He decided that he would make full use of this stone. He thought that he would bring huge iron vessels from the market and convert them all into gold. The day passed, he did not get lazy in thinking at all, he was sitting in the thought that there is still a lot of time, he will go to the market and get the goods.

He thought that now he will go to the market only after having lunch, but after eating he was in the habit of taking rest, so he did not take the trouble of going to the market for a bit, became a slave of laziness and slept with cool horses and when he woke up, the day was about to set.

Now he quickly started running towards the market, but on the way he found Guru.

On seeing them, he fell at their feet and started pleading to keep that magic stone with him for one more day, but Guru did not agree. The bright dreams of the disciple were shattered.

But he had learned a lot from this incident. He began to regret his laziness, understood that laziness was the curse of his life and vowed that now he will never shirk from work and will show himself to be a hardworking, alert and active person.


Everyone gets more than one opportunity in his life, but many people lose them simply because of their laziness. That’s why I want to tell you this, leave the cry of luck, leave laziness and work hard. If hard work is not working, then work hard, still if it is not happening, then work harder, then see how you touch the heights of the sky. Therefore, leave the procrastination of work and do not stop till the destination is reached. When you have to work, “why not today?”

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