Kindness Moral Story

Best Short atory

Once in a village some villagers were together killing a snake, when Saint Eknath came out from the same path.

Seeing the crowd, Saint Eknath also reached there, said – brothers, why are you killing this creature, what happened due to being a snake due to karma, it is also a soul.

Then a young man standing in the crowd said – “If there is a soul, then why does it bite?”

After listening to the person, Saint Eknath said – If you kill a snake unnecessarily, it will also bite you, if you do not kill the snake, why will it bite you?

The villagers respected the saint Eknath a lot, so people left the snake after listening to the saint.

A few days later, Eknath was going to take a bath at the ghat in the evening. Then he saw a snake spreading its hood in front of him on the way. Sant Eknath tried hard to get the snake out of the way. But he did not budge.

At last Eknath turned around and went to the other ghat to take a bath.

When he returned after getting light, he saw that due to the rain there was a pit there. If the snake had not stopped the way, then Saint Eknath would have been in that pit.

That is why it has been said, kindness and benevolence will always come back to you and will give good results.