Know Your Potential- Inspirational Story

Story of a Eagle

Life Changing Motivational Story

Once upon a time, an eagle’s egg came between the eggs of a hen.

After a few days, the chicks came out of those eggs, the hawk’s child was also one of them. He started growing up among them. He also does what the rest of the chicks would do. He used to play here and there in the soil, chug grains all day and peck like him all day long. Like the rest of the chicks, he too could fly up just a little bit, and flapping his wings would come down.

Then one day he saw an eagle flying in the open sky, the eagle was flying like a king, measuring the heights of the sky fearlessly.

Then he asked the rest of the chicks, “Who is that magnificent bird that touches such heights?”

Then the chicks said – “Hey he is the eagle, the king of birds, he is very powerful and huge, but you cannot fly like him because you are a chick.”

The eagle’s child accepted it as true that I cannot fly and he never even tried to be like that.

He lived like a chick for the rest of his life, and while acting like a chick, died without knowing his hidden strength, without knowing his real identity, without knowing his real status.

Friends, many of us just like that eagle, we forget our power and living an average life, we never think of becoming big. According to the environment around us, we say that brother, this is not my cup ot tea.

We forget that human beings are a creature with infinite potential and possibilities. Nothing is impossible for us in this world, but by living an average life with our limited intelligence, we lose a lot of opportunities. So don’t be like chicks, believe in your ability, believe in yourself. It does not depend on which family, environment, state you are from. It depends on how much you count yourself. So recognize your abilities and show them the heights of the sky by touching them.

Because that’s what you were made for and that’s the truth.

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