Never give up

One day a man troubled by his life made up his mind to commit suicide. He didn’t see any point in living any longer.

The man decided to talk to God for the last time.

He asked God, “Dear God, can you tell me a good reason not to commit suicide.”

The Lord replied, “Look around you. Are you looking at the grass and the bamboo?”

“Yes, I see,” said the man.

The Lord said, “When I sowed the grass and bamboo seeds, I took great care of them.

I gave light I watered.

The grass started growing out of the ground very quickly. And soon the ground became green

But nothing has come out of the bamboo seed yet. Still, I didn’t give up on it. I kept giving water continuously.

The second year the grass became very good and plentiful. But nothing came out of the bamboo seed. Still I did not give up on it.

Nothing came out of the bamboo seed even for the third year.

Then in the fourth year a small sprout emerged from the ground. It was nothing compared to grass, that is, it was very small.
But in just 6 months the bamboo grew up to 100 feet.

It took 3 years to spread and strengthen its roots. These roots strengthened the bamboo and gave it what it needed to survive.”

The Lord further said, “Dear child, I give so many challenges to any of my creatures or creations that they can bear.”

“Do you know, whatever challenges you are facing right now, they are really for you to strengthen your roots.”

“I will not leave you alone just as I did not give up taking care of bamboo.”

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Bamboo has a different purpose than grass. Yet they both make the forest beautiful.”

“Your time is also about to come and I know it will surely come. You will rise very high”, said the Lord to the man.

“How high can I get up?” the man asked.

“As much as you want. And be great and beautify me.” God said.

The man came back. And strengthened his roots with double zeal and became great.

Friends, hope every single line of this story will help you.

And remember…..Never give up…Never…Never.
Remember God is always with us.

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