Our Faith-Inspirational Story

Best Motivational Short Story

Once there was a severe drought in a village. All the water sources dried up.

Then the people together held a meeting to solve this problem. Everyone decided that outside the village, which is the temple of Shiva, everyone would go there and offer a group prayer.

The next morning, all the people of the village started walking towards the temple, all the old people were full of enthusiasm.

One of them came with an umbrella in his hand. Everyone made fun of him and started laughing at him.

A man asked the young man, “Hey man, why did he bring this umbrella? There is neither sunny nor rain, so why did you bring it now.

On this the young man said, “We are going to pray to God only for rain. So when it rains, it will come in handy.”

On this an old man said seriously, “you have unwavering faith in God. This is the faith from which it will definitely rain.”

And in fact they had arrived only halfway, and it started to rain. All the villagers came to their homes getting wet and that young man returned to his house in fun with an umbrella comfortably.

Friends, this story teaches that whenever we pray to God, we should have unwavering faith in our mind. Because even oneself does not believe in the prayer done from the upper mind, so what if God, even God’s father cannot fulfill it.

This thing will be with you in every work of your life, not only in prayer. Because if we do any work with full heart, then we definitely succeed in that work.

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