Qualified Man Inspirational Story

Motivational Story for Life

Once in a village the richest man of the village built a huge temple.

When the temple was ready, many visitors started reaching the temple. Seeing the grandeur of the temple, people did not get tired of praising the temple.

With time, the fame of the temple started in the famous temples and people from far and wide started reaching the temple.

Seeing the increasing number of devotees, the person made arrangements for food and lodging for the devotees in the temple itself.

But soon they needed a person who would look after all these arrangements in the temple and maintain the arrangement of the temple.

The very next day he put up a notice for an administrator outside the temple. Seeing the notice, many people started coming to that rich person. People knew that if they get the job of administrator in the temple, then the salary will also be very good.

But the rich man would refuse them after meeting everyone. And would say to everyone, “I need a qualified person for this work, who can take care of the temple properly.”

Many people used to abuse the rich man in his heart when he refused. Some people even called him a fool and a madman. But he did not pay heed to anyone and kept on searching for a suitable person to administer the temple.

The person used to sit on the roof of his house every morning and watch the visitors coming to the temple.

One day a very poor man came to the temple to see God. The rich man was watching him sitting on the roof of his house. He was wearing torn and dirty clothes. It didn’t seem like a lot to read.

When he started leaving after praying to the Lord, the rich man called him to him and said, “Will you take care of the arrangements for this temple.”

He was very surprised to hear the rich man and said with folded hands, “Sir, I am a very poor man and I am not even educated. How can I manage such a big temple?

The rich man smiled and said, “I don’t want any learned man to manage the temple, I want to entrust the management of this temple to a qualified person.

“But why did you consider me the only worthy person among all these people?” he asked in surprise.

The rich man said, “I know you are a worthy person. On the way to the temple, I had a piece of brick buried for many days. One corner of which had come out from above. I was seeing for many days that many people used to stumble from that piece of brick and many people used to stumble and fall from that piece of brick, but no one thought to remove that piece of brick from there. .

You did not stumble from that piece of brick but still you saw it and thought of removing it from there.

I was watching that you took a shovel from the laborer and dug that piece and leveled the land there.

Listening to the rich man, the man said, “I have not done any great work, it is the duty of every human being to think about others and remove the dilemmas that come in the way. I only did what was my duty.

The rich man smiled and said, “The only people who know their duties and perform them are qualified people.” Saying this, the rich man handed over the responsibility of managing the temple to that person.

Friends, “Even if no one is watching us, we should not forget our duty.”

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