Real Greatness Short Moral Story

Saint and Alexander Story

When Alexander returned to India, he went to meet a Saint, and seeing Alexander coming, the Saint started laughing. On this, Alexander thought in his mind that this is an insult to me and said to the fakir, “Either you do not know me or your death has come. You know, who am I?, I am Alexander the Great.”

At this the Saint started laughing even louder. He said to Alexander – “I do not see any greatness in you, I see you very poor and poor.”
So Alexander said to the Saint- “You have gone mad, I have conquered the whole world.”

So on this the Saint said – “There is nothing like this, you are still ordinary, yet if you were to say, I would ask you one thing that suppose you are stuck in a desert and there is no water near you far and wide. There is no source and there is no greenery where you can find water, so what can you give from this empire for a glass of water.”

Alexander thought for some time and after that said, “I will give half my kingdom.”
then the Saint said, “If I do not agree for half the kingdom?”

Alexander said, “In such a bad condition, I will give my entire kingdom.”

The Saint started laughing again and said, “The total value of your kingdom is just a glass of water! … and you are being crushed by such pride. When the time comes, your kingdom is not enough even for a glass of water.” Then there will be a lot of shouting in the desert, Alexander the great.. Alexander the great! No one will listen in the desert. You have just kept an illusionary moment of all greatness.”

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