Rich man and His Boy – Inspirational Story

Once upon a time there was a rich man. His son was completing his graduation this year.

His son had been demanding a new car from his father for months. Because he knows that his father has a lot of money.

When he graduated, Papa invited him to his study room. The father gave the son a gift wrapped in a beautiful foil. And congratulated him for graduating his son.

When the son opened the gift in despair, he found that it contained a very lovely leather bound diary with his name engraved on it.

He got very angry because he has been asking for the car since so many days and Papa only handed over the diary. He threw the diary in anger and left the house.

That boy did not see father’s face from the day of graduation. One day he became successful and wealthy like his father and he also built a beautiful house and got married.

Now it came to his mind that his father is old, so he should forget his past.

Then he got the message that his father had passed away. So he returned to his father’s house to look after his property.

When he was looking for the necessary papers of his father in the house, he saw that the diary which he had left behind was like new.

He opened the diary, and started turning the pages. Then a car key fell from behind the diary.
There was a tag attached to the key of that car.

He read that tag, “Full price paid. Wherever you take this car, write it in this diary to make it a memorable one forever. With lots of love, your father”
Seeing this the boy repented very much.

Friends, whatever you want, but always be grateful about what you get. There may be more blessings than what you imagined.

And friends, do not take any decision in a relationship immediately, because later you do not feel anything except regret.