True Friendship – Inspirational Story

Best Motivational Moral Story

There were two friends. They were very brave.

One of them raised his voice against the injustice of his king. The king was very harsh and ruthless. When he came to know, he ordered that the young man be hanged.

The young man told the king that what you are doing is fine and I will happily hang myself but you give me some time so that I can go to the village and meet my children.

The king said – no this cannot happen, I do not trust you.

So the friend of that young man said that sir, I give bail to him, if he does not come back, he will hang me instead.

The king was astonished because till now he had not seen such a man, beacuse he was ready to give his life for others, then the king gave his consent to go to the village and he was given six hours’ time.

The young man went away and saw that it would take him five hours to return and that he could go and come comfortably.

While returning from meeting his children, his horse stumbled and fell on the way and then could not get up and that young man also got hurt and that is why he got delayed in coming.

On the other hand, after six hours had passed, his friend was getting happy and was praying to God that his friend should not come so that he could be of his friend’s work.

After the stipulated time was over, the friend was being hanged.

Then the young man came back and said to him, “now you go home and send me off.”

So the friend said, “your time is over, I cant go back.”

then the young man said, “This is my punishment, so let me bear it, you go to your home.”

The king was watching this debate of both the friends, his eyes came with tears and he called both of them and said that I have forgiven you and your friendship has made a deep impact on my heart and after that the emperor never oppressed anyone.

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