Motivational Story

A boy working with his father in an iron shop suddenly asked his father – “Dad, what is the price of a man in this world?”

The father was surprised to hear such a serious question from a small child.

Then he said – “Son, it is very difficult to judge the value of a man, he is priceless.”

Children – Are all equally valuable and important?

Dad – Yes son.

The child did not understand anything, he asked again – then how is anyone so poor or rich in this world? Why do some have less respect and some have more?

Hearing the question, the father remained calm for some time and then asked the boy to bring an iron rod lying in the store room.

As soon as the rod was brought, the father asked – what will it cost?

Boy – about 300 dollars.

Father – If I make many small nails out of it, then what will be its cost?

After thinking for a while, the boy said – then it will be sold more expensive for about 1000 dollars.

Dad – What if I make many springs of the clock with this iron?

The boy thought for a while and then suddenly excitedly said, “Then its price will be very high.”

The father said while explaining to him – “In the same way, the value of a man is not in what he is now, but in what he can make himself.”

The boy had understood his father’s point.

Friends, we can make ourselves valuable or we can even put ourselves down.

So start preparing for what you want to be from today.

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