Your Effort Matters Inspirational story

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An astrologer came to King Vikramaditya. When he saw Vikramaditya’s hand, his head twitched. He thought that according to the hand lines, the king should have been weak and poor, but he is the emperor, and is also healthy. He saw such symptoms for the first time in the opposite situation.

Seeing this condition of the astrologer, Vikramaditya understood his mental state and said, “If you are not satisfied with the external symptoms, then I show you by tearing the chest, see the internal symptoms also.”

Then the astrologer said – “No sir! I understand that-

“You are fearless, you are virtuous, you have full potential. That’s why you have made the circumstances their own and changed your destiny. Today I have come to understand that if a man has effort, then he has the power to change destiny.”


Sitting on the basis of luck, it is not right to think that whatever happens in luck, you will get it. You have to make an effort, otherwise you will have no choice but to curse fate.

The person who believes through his limited intelligence that wealth is not written in my destiny or that my health can never be right and never even tries to get rid of the present situation. Then he will always be in the same situation. He will remain poor, miserable and weak.

And if he is determined that he has to change these situations, and makes a lot of effort (hard work), then this strong will-power makes even the opposite situations favorable.

So friends, whatever we are today is because of our thoughts. By making your thoughts positive, you can improve your life.

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