A seminar was being held. In it, a speaker waving $100 in the air said, “Who would want to take this fiery note.”

So there almost everyone raised their hands, brother, who does not like notes.

Then the speaker took that note in his fist and crushed it, then asked the audience, “Now who would like to take it.”
Still people raised their hands.

Now the speaker crushed that note under the feet, crushed it and made it dirty. Then asked the audience, “Would anyone still like to take this note.”

Still, almost all the people raised their hands.

So now the speaker said, “Look friends, today we have learned a very wonderful thing. Even after doing all this with this note, its value did not decrease, its value remained only 100 dollars.

Similarly, in life also we lose many times, keep falling down, get rejections from all over the place, so we think that, we are not worth anything, we are of no use. We also start thinking that we have become a burden on this earth.

So friends, “Whatever happens to us in the past or in the present or in the future, still one thing has to be remembered that no one can take away our value from us. We are special, we can do whatever we want, so go ahead with double zeal. And show the world by doing it so that the whole world can see.”

Throw out hopeless thoughts, because human life is invaluable, don’t make it more complicated by things of focus. Go ahead with a positive mindset and keep on conquering every field.”